Happy Christmas!

Christmas Day, Sunday December 25th, 2011
I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas celebration. The best thing for me is that my family has been together for the holidays–everyone’s home and healthy–couldn’t ask for more.  I’ve been very fortunate in so many ways this past year and feel extremely grateful. Best wishes to all for a great Healthy, Happy and Safe New Year!

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Jorma’s 70th Birthday

I’m going to the Beacon Theatre in NYC for Jorma’s 70th birthday concert. This is Electric Hot Tuna with a ton of guests so it should be a blast. As I think I mentioned previously, I’ve performed with Jorma several times this year, the most recent being a concert we did together at his Fur Peace Ranch in October. And next Saturday night, 12/11, we are on a bill together at the State Theatre in Easton. PA, along with Rory Block, Woody Mann, Peter Rowan, Tony Rice and Barry Mitterhoff. That is gonna be a great show. Nyke and I will open, along with my bud Dick Boak on a tune or two. Then we’ll do a finale together. That’s always fun. Last time I did that it was with Roger McGuinn, Marty Stuart, Roseanne Cash, Thom Bresh a some other really great folks for Martin’s 175th Anniversary concert.
Anyway, looking forward to a great weekend even though I have a miserable cold …

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Robben Ford and Renegade Creation at ST94

We saw Robben Ford and band last evening at the Sellersville Theatre in PA last evening. Several years ago we opened for RF on the island of Sardina (off the coast of Italy) in a very surreal concert setting. It was cool but he wasn’t the most out-going, friendly type. My best memory of that gig was meeting and talking with his bassist, Travis Carlton, the son of one of my guitar heroes, Larry Carlton. Back to last night’s show: it was very good but very LOUD! I like loud, just not THAT loud. I guess I’m getting old … I would have liked to hear more of the other guitarist, Michael Landau, who was amazing. I’ve known of him for many years but never saw him live before. Incredible player capable of really getting a lot out of a strat. Jimmy Haslip on bass was amazing and the the drummer, Gary Novak was great too. He and JH really kept things together. Robben was great as usual but just too loud for my taste. It actually gave me a headache and I think that’s the first time that ever happened to me. I’ve been accused of being too loud but I’m nowhere near that loud! Oh well … the playing and tightness of the band was excellent. Guess I’ve just been playing so much acoustic guitar lately that I didn’t realize how far away I’m getting from louder, electric music.

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