January Blues …

Well here it is January 10th and I’m feeling a bit blue; always seems to happen this time of year. I don’t want to take the Christmas tree down or put any of the decorations away as they really make me feel good. I know I’m not alone on this as I’ve spoken with others who feel the same. I’ve got so much to get started on and can’t seem to get going or stay focused when I do start something. Oh well, time to get the guitar out and write a song. I was supposed to be going (or at least I thought I was) to the NAMM show in CA next week as I did the past several years. Then we would do a week of Martin events up the CA coast and it would end up being a two-week trip. But they dismantled the stage at the Martin booth so it wasn’t really necessary for me to be there and while I do like being home and catching up (at least trying) on things I do fill a bit disappointed. Oh well, trips start again in February and I guess that will help get me out of this fog … until then there’s plenty to do around here and I was able to fill some local gigs for Nyke and me. Not much for the full band right now.

Anyone out there reading this, feeling the same way?

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