Rough weekend …

Well, I’m glad this weekend is over. My mother passed away on Friday morning and it was not expected–not yet, anyhow. Though she was 85 she was just beginning to slip. She’d always dealt with anxiety issues but we were just seeing the first signs of dementia or, it could possibly have been related to the Parkinson’s Disease that she’d been diagnosed with several years ago. But she didn’t have shakes and stammer her speech so I don’t think it had progressed too much. Anyway, may she (Louise) RIP and I really do believe that she is. She is now free from the burdens of life and I do believe she’s been reunited with my dad and other family members. And as I mentioned on Facebook, she now has all the answers.

So I dealt with some of the issues that required immediate attention, along with my younger brother Jason, and then I played Friday night with the band, did a Martin clinic at the Guitar Convention in Parsippany, NJ on Saturday and then played with our band at the Convention in the evening. During times of emotional upset I like to keep busy, that’s how I deal with the circumstances. So I’ll work tomorrow (teach) and then take Tuesday and Wednesday off for the services, and then head out to Jorma Kaukonnen’s Fur Peace Ranch in Ohio with my pal Dick Boak, where we’ll spend 4 days playing guitars, presenting and attending clinics, meeting lots of great folks and joining in on the Saturday night concert. Hopefully this will help get me through a tough time. My family will be fine as the five of us will be spending the next several days together. We’ll do our grieving together and then I’m out of here.

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One Response to Rough weekend …

  1. PappaJohn says:


    My most sincere condolences to you and your family during this difficult time.

    Grieve … yes, but also take time to celebrate her life – it’s a better way to remember her.

    Best to all!